Helena Area Repeaters

The following repeaters serve the Greater Helena Area. For more technical information (including pictures in some cases) on each repeater, click on the repeater's frequency to bring up a detailed page on that particular repeater.


The 147.22 W7TCK repeater (+ offset, 100.0 tone) is located on Mt. Belmont 20 miles west of Helena and is maintained by W7MRI. This is the primary repeater for the Capital City Amateur Radio Club. Everyone is welcome to use this repeater, although regular users are encoraged to become a club member to help pay for the cost of operating this repeater. If you're passing through the area and want to use a repeater, this is probably the best one to give a shout on.


The 145.45 W7MRI repeater (- offset, 100.0 tone) is the area link to the MRLA (WR7MT) system and is located on Hogback Mountain. This repeater is linked to Bozeman, Grey Cliff, Great Falls and Billings thanks to the Montana Radio Link Association (MRLA).


The 444.100 WR7HLN Repeater (+ offset, 131.8 tone) is located on McDonald pass. This repeater is operated by WR7AGT and is one of two local area open 70cm repeaters. As of 8/2003, this repeater is often up on the Echolink system.


The 147.100 WR7HLN Repeater (+ offset, 100.0 tone) is also located on McDonald pass.


The 448.900 WR7HLN Repeater (- offset, 131.8 tone) is located north of Helena in the North Hills just East of I-15.