The 147.22+ Repeater

The 147.22+ Repeater is owned and operated by the Capital City Amateur Radio Club. The repeater normally does not need a tone to operate but is configured to output a PL tone of 100.0 Hz. whenever there is a carrier on the input of the repeater. In some rare cases (excessive interference), the same PL tone may be needed to operate this repeater. This repeater is maintained by W7MRI.


All hams are welcome on this repeater, but regular users are encouraged to become a member of the Capital City Amateur Radio Club to help pay for the expenses of operating this repeater.


The repeater itself is located on Mt. Belmont at 7400 Feet. This site is approximately 20 miles west of Helena. A new building and tower were erected in October of 1998 to house the equipment and the converted commercial antenna.


This is the actual repeater.