The 145.45- Repeater

The 145.45- Repeater is our local link into the MRLA (Montana Repeater Link Association) system. This particular repeater in the system is owned and maintained by W7MRI. Normally, this repeater needs a 100Hz PL tone to be operated. More information about the MRLA system can be found on their home page at (will open in a new window).


The repeater is located in the KTVH transmitter building on Hogback mountain roughly North of Helena. The building has a 30' tower for Amateur Radio with 2 70cm beams for linking north and south and a vertical antenna for 145.45.


The following picture of the repeater cabinent shows the power supply, link controller, all 3 radius and 2 UHF cavities. The VHF Duplexer is visible behind the cabinet.