The 444.100+ Repeater

This 444.100+ is owned and operated by WR7AGT. This repeater operates under the call of WR7HLN. It normally requires a PL tone of 131.8 to operate.

Link to WR7HLN EchoLink Codes


The repeater is located in an old AT&T repeater building on McDonald pass west of town. There is lots of space to spread out as the building is many many square feet in size.


The repeater itself is a Motorola 5000 putting out 75 watts into a 10dB Decibel antenna. Note the ARR 70CM pre-amp in the middle of the picture below.


This is a picture of WR7AGT in front of the repeater. If you'd like to see more pictures of the site or find out more about it, WR7AGT has a web page about the site at