Directions from the West

To get to the Salvation Army Church coming from the west (Missoula) proceed as follows:


1. When entering town from the general direction of Missoula, you will be entering on Highway 12.


2. Proceed on Highway 12/Euclid through a couple of lights (they keep adding them on that end of town). You will want to be in the left lane. You will need to turn left at about the third light onto 'Henderson'. There will be a 'Thriftway' gas station on your right just before the intersection.


3. Proceed on Lindale/Euclid through 2 Lights (Benton and I believe Cleveland). Again, you will want to be in the right lane. At the third light, turn right (north) onto Henderson.


4. Proceed on Henderson about 6 blocks (If you go under the railroad underpass you have gone too far). Watch for a church-like building on your right side. This is the Salvation Army Church.


The map below shows the route described.