Directions from the South or East

To get to the Salvation Army Church coming from the South (Butte) or East (Townsend) proceed as follows:


1. If you are coming from the East (Townsend), you will enter town on Hwy 12. Proceed to item 3 below.


2. If you are coming from the South (Butte), take the Capital Exit 192B. This will put you on Hwy 12 heading west.


3. As you cross over the top of the I-15 overpass, the street becomes Prospect Avenue which is a one-way street. Proceed along prospect through several lights. You will want to get in the rightmost lane.


4. When you reach the end of prospect (you can only turn left or right at this point), turn right onto Montana Ave. You will want to get into the leftmost (non-turning) lane at this point.


5. On montana, you will go through two lights. The third light is on the intersection locals call 'Malfunction Junction'. If you are in the left lane, you shouldn't have any problems. (You did get in the left lane didn't you?). Proceeding straight through the light in the left lane, the road will curve to your left (west) and turn into Lyndale.


6. Proceed on Lindale/Euclid through 3 Lights (Last Chance Gulch, Benton and I believe Cleveland). You will want to be in the right lane. At the fourth light, turn right (north) onto Henderson.


7. Proceed on Henderson about 6 blocks (If you go under the railroad underpass you have gone too far). Watch for a church-like building on your right side. This is the Salvation Army Church.


The map below shows the route described. Please note that the I-15 logos along part of the route refer to the I-15 business loop through town.